Company Background

Green Extraction Technologies, LLC is a family-owned and operated Urban Forestry Firm. Founded in 2008, we offer over 100 years of combined knowledge, experience, and education in the plant healthcare, arboricultural, horticultural, nursery, and landscape installation fields.

Green Extraction Technologies, LLC: We G.E.T. It

As an Urban Forestry Firm, we offer a different perspective than a traditional tree care company. Our goal is to maximize the benefits of trees in the Urban Forest and manage risks that could adversely impact their overall longevity. We focus on preserving the existing tree canopy whenever possible.

Our professional evaluations are driven by strong ethics and a passion for our industry. From the moment we step onto a client's property and into their green space, we feel that we are stepping into their personal oasis. We take into consideration the microclimate that is unique to each client’s property to offer focused arboricultural solutions. A consultative approach allows us to educate our clients and provide the reasoning behind any recommendations.

Leaders in The Fourth Wave of Conservation

Green Extraction Technologies, LLC is a leader in the fourth wave of conservation. We use our knowledge and experience in the plant healthcare, arboricultural, horticultural, nursery, and landscape installation fields as a platform in relation to improving the Urban Forest. We utilize specific technologies to further our understanding of urban ecosystems. Through these practices, we challenge outdated ideas in relation to tree care, our relationships with the land, and each other.

Our Service Reach

Green Extraction Technologies, LLC conducts business in the state of Illinois as a registered foreign entity and services the greater Chicagoland area, Wisconsin, and Michigan with arboricultural and plant health care services.

We are a Virginia based LLC headquartered on Virginia's beautiful Northern Neck. Our east coast operations include professional production tree harvesting for select growers of the finest high quality nursery stock. This nursery stock is then sold to landscape and re-wholesale markets along the eastern seaboard. We also service the greater Fredericksburg, Virginia area with high-end residential and commercial landscape installation of plant material and hardscaping.

Guardians of the Urban Forest

We G.E.T. It