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When you work with Green Extraction Technologies, you can expect experts in tree removal, pruning, and various other tree treatments. Founded in 2008, our professional tree care evaluations are driven by strong ethics and a passion for the industry we represent and work in.

Bartlett's Tree Pruning Experts

As a tree service industry leader in the Bartlett area, we like to employ proper tree pruning techniques. That's why we take the time to teach not only customers, but other arborists at industry tradeshows. Proper tree pruning is vital for keeping trees healthy and structurally sound. Regular pruning is safer and most cost effective than needing to correct or remove a fully grown tree once a problem arises.

Safe Tree Removal

Before tree removal is performed, the tree should be inspected by a tree doctor to see if it's able to be saved. We specialize in the treatment and recovery of sick or damaged trees, and want to avoid tree removal if it's possible. If a tree is past the point of no return, our team will safely and efficiently remove the tree from your yard or property in Bartlett, IL & surrounding areas.

Our project starts from the moment we step onto your property and continues with our consultation approach that combines your vision, our experience, and your unique landscape. So whether it's tree care needs or plant healthcare management, trust our tree service experts in Bartlett, IL.

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