Tree Service Naperville IL

Green Extraction Technologies has been providing the best tree care services to the Naperville, IL area for nearly 15 years. Founded in 2008, our team has more than 100 years of collective experience in the industry, ensuring that all your tree care needs will be handled perfectly. Whether your Naperville home requires tree pruning or tree removal, plant collar excavation, tree preservation plans, tree harvesting, or any other botanical needs, we are ready and able to provide the best tree service to the Naperville area. Keep your home or business looking green and welcoming with top tree service from our team.

Naperville's Tree Removal Experts

While we are experts in tree removal, we try to avoid resorting to this step at all costs. With tree risk assessments, our team determines the best course of action for a tree, based on its location, condition and other factors. However, if our team of professionals deem the tree to be at high risk, we will remove the tree carefully and efficiently. With experience and top technology, the at-risk tree will be removed with care for the home or business, as well as the nature surrounding it.

Naperville's Top Tree Service

Caring for trees requires devoted professionals with experience and knowledge. Our team understands that every tree is unique, and every home and business have different needs, ensuring that we will provide the perfect service for you. Green Extraction Technologies tree care includes pruning, cabling, transplanting and more. No matter your tree needs, we are the top choice in Naperville for tree services.

Guardians of the Urban Forest

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