One of the most honest company and Daniel is a very honest person to do business with. He will educate you to make you understand why and what you have to do to keep the plant healthy. I will be definitely using them again.

—Roshan M.

We have a very large Crimson King Maple that has structural issues since it wasn't pruned 30+ years ago. Daniel was extremely thorough and discussed our options. We didn't want to have to take the tree down, neither did Daniel, because it is so beautiful. He explained the risks and structural issues with the tree and how we can address the dead branches and make sure to have it trimmed safely. We are very pleased with the result, the branches are properly trimmed while keeping the natural tree shape. Will definitely be a repeat customer.

—Gina P.

Daniel and his crew did an amazing job removing some very big and diseased Austrian pines. They also did some pruning with other trees and bushes. They came at exactly the time they said they would, they were amazing with cleanup and were so courteous and nice. Daniel is incredibly knowledgeable about tree and plant care. I would totally recommend them to anyone who needs tree removal and pruning, and general tree care, with their sister company Emerald Tree Care.

—Barbara C.

Daniel is an expert arborist. He cares about trees. He has been treating my ash tree in Woodridge, IL for years against the emerald ash borer disease and it is doing great. Only a handful left in Woodridge - treatment works. Daniel also excavated 4 of my trees to allow the roots to expand. Thinking I was doing the right thing, I put top soil around them each year. This compacted the soil. The excavation lessened this compaction, freed the roots and my trees are doing great. Glad I did it. I highly recommend Daniel and Green Extraction Technologies.

—Tom Z.

Daniel and his crew did an amazing job removing my damaged tree! This weeks snow storm made two major branches fall from my beloved Bradford Pear tree. They quickly removed the debris, cut down the remaining branches that were hanging precariously over my garage, and swiftly removed the stump flush with the ground. They cleaned the remaining debris and as many of the leaves as possible. They made a sad process easy and event less. Thank you for such great work.

—Marie B.

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