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While we were founded in 2008, Green Extraction Technologies has over 100 years combined of knowledge, experience, and education in tree care. Because we are an urban forestry firm, we offer a different perspective than a traditional tree care company. If you're looking for a tree doctor in West Chicago, we offer quality tree service Barrington, IL & surrounding areas.

Professional Tree Pruning

Pruning provides a variety of benefits to your trees. In addition to helping avoid surrounding barriers such as telephone lines and buildings, tree pruning helps manage the weight your tree must carry by eliminating dead or compromised branches. Additionally, proper pruning in West Chicago can encourage growth and long-term health.

Trusted Tree Treatment

We hate to see trees taken down, and think some tree services are too quick to deem tree removal as the only option. We think of ourselves as a tree doctor, and take pride in not only extending the lifespan of your trees, but promoting healthy growth and long-term success. In addition to tree care, we offer plant healthcare services in West Chicago and take a holistic approach to ensure your plants stay healthy.

Efficient Tree Removal

Despite our passion for providing treatments to damaged or diseased trees, we understand sometimes tree removal is the only option. In such scenarios, our team of trained arborists will remove your tree safely and efficiently. Tree removal should only be performed by tree care professionals.

We take pride in using methods that are environmentally sensible to plan for a better future today. If you're in need of tree service in West Chicago, Barrington IL, & surrounding areas contact us today!

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