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At Green Extraction Technologies, you can sleep easy knowing you're in the hands of technicians with over 100 years of combined knowledge, experience, and education in tree service. We will not only provide you with the best tree care in Wheaton, IL, but also offer insect treatment, mulch management, and more!

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Wheaton's Tree Removal Experts

One reason we consider ourselves tree doctors and not a typical tree service is because our goal is always to keep a tree alive and thriving. While tree removal is sometimes necessary depending on the state of the tree and surrounding area, we'll first perform an inspection and determine if the tree is able to be saved. If this is the case, we'll outline a plan to bring the tree back to good health and keep it healthy for years to come.

Tree Pruning & Trimming

While many people think pruning is mostly used for aesthetic purposes, there are various health benefits tree pruning provides. Tree pruning is an effective way to remove and manage dead or diseased branches from your tree. Pruning can also be used on young trees to correct structural issues early on and prevent dangerous and costly repairs or removals down the line. Our team is equipped with the experience and proper equipment to complete many pruning treatments that others cannot.

To meet your tree service needs, we provide customized solutions for each individual project. Our goal is to maximize the benefits of trees in the urban forest and manage risks that could adversely impact their overall longevity. Call Green Extraction Technologies and ask any questions you may have about tree care, plant healthcare, and more in Wheaton, IL!

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