Tree Pruning Service

We offer tree pruning services to Naperville, IL, and the surrounding area for a wide-range of reasons including corrective or structural pruning and clearance pruning. If leaving the ground is necessary, we use our rubber track mounted spider lift! With an impressive 40-foot vertical and 25-foot horizontal reach, and even more impressive 31-inch wide footprint, we can prune and provide treatments for trees that many can't!

Selective Pruning Practices

Tree care is an art. When performing tree pruning, less is often more. Every time a cut is made, it is important to take several factors into account because trees, much like people, don't like limbs removed and must recover from the trauma when live tissue is involved. In the case of a tree that has been neglected for a long period of time and/or not trained even at the earliest stage of its life, structural issues can result. Simply removing a limb obstructing your view may not address a more serious problem.

Tree Risk Assessment

Our Certified Arborists and tree doctors who have taken extensive training and education of risk management can make an educated and informed diagnosis of tree issues and translate it to our clients in understandable terms. Problems like weak branch unions or attachments to the stem, co-dominant stems, included bark (when two branches grow together), often result in failures which when addressed earlier can reduce the risk of catastrophic failures.

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